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Apply Language Studies concepts to videos in  

Choose your Masters topic for this session:  

MLS Mod. 1: US History MLS Mod. 2: Anthropology MLS Mod. 3: Folklore MLS Mod. 4: Sociology MLS Mod. 5: Biology MLS Mod. 6: Political Science MLS Mod. S13: Global Citizen
America: Story of Us What you don’t Know about Marriage Rescuing Relics Bullying Experiment Animals are like Humans The Real Political System in the USA Peace Corps
Define American Family Motto The Arts is for Everyone What do you Choose? Africa’s Ugliest Mammal Biggest Mistake for Leaders Obama’s Speech to UN
The Icing on the Cake The Meaning of Love Mardi Gras Costumes and Art Obligations Animal Forecasters Nuclear Weapons Ban Ki Moon Calls for Peace
Dual Heritage Marriage Culture Rome’s Artistic Easter Eggs It Gets Better Animals: Tsunami Psychics History of Presidential Debates Malala: Education is the Most Powerful Weapon
Emancipation Proclamation Love is about Others A Controversial Restoration Coming Together as One Socotra Island World’s Most Powerful Woman Peace is Human Security
Sharing Cultures Having Kids Bishnoi Villages in India Unite for Japan Chickens are Smarter than Toddlers Iran Nuclear Agreement Peace Day
History of the Statue of Liberty Our First Date Mona Who? Lending a Hand Dear Kitten: Regarding the Dog North Korea Nuclear Program Making Peace through Music
Hidden America Have you been Cheated on? Maya Angelou Are Sports Bad for Kids? Dog with the Longest Ears The Lost Art of Democratic Debate Michelle Obama: Don’t Give Up
A More Perfect Union What’s in a Name? World’s Most Colorful Stairs Donations A Bug’s Sleep Leadership and Making a Movement Women’s Rights are Human Rights
Breaking an Old Stereotype Buried in Time Mysteries of Vernacular: Pants Pennies Electronic Charity Box Dog’s Understand How We’re Feeling How Politicians See Climate Change Making Global Labor Fair
What Makes America Great Adoption Antique Silk Factory Noblesse not the Oblige Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys The Japanese are Important China’s Impact on Global Food Market

EAP Students: Prepare for Guided Research Skills class with
Video and Quizzes! 

Practice and review Vocabulary with Quizzes on 

Practice and review Grammar in Tense Buster 


Learning programs on your LTC computer

    Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing
    Spelling Fusion
    Advanced listening and note taking
    DynEd Advanced Listening

    Ultimate Phonics

Tools on your LTC computer

Create Documents, Presentations and Spreadsheets

Libre Office                                              
Record and listen yourself


Websites for more practice


    SSP Listening
Listening and answering questions
Conversation listening
Advanced presentation listening
Advanced radio listening with transcripts

  Writing essays and get feedback
Check your sources
Beginning reading
All levels of reading
Advanced reading
Advanced reading

    Grammar tests

    Look up words
Look up words