Work Experience – Johnson Wales University

Key Major Future Job Possibilities SAMPLE EMPLOYERS
HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Tourism, Special Events, Food Service Operations Hilton Hotels, Heineken, Marriott
CULINARY ARTS Athletic Franchise Nutritionist, Food Product Developer, Restauranteur Facebook, Major League Baseball, Walt Disney World
BUSINESS/MANAGEMENT Financial Analyst, Entrepreneur, Commodity Merchandiser Nokia, Barclay Investments, JP Morgan

• The 2014 William M. Burke Presidential Award for Excellence in Experiential Education, the highest award given by the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE).

• Ranked 2nd for career advice in the United States as noted in the 2013 International Student Barometer Survey, a national survey sent to over 100,000 students from 178 institutions.

• Internship to Employment – 55% of all students received a job offer at the end of their internship. 78% of seniors on a paid internship received a job offer. This compares to 63% national average for colleges as reported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) for the 2013-2014 school year.



At Johnson & Wales, we know the importance of relevant work experience. That’s why internships are a core part of our academic program, and why over 2,500 students do internships each year.

You’ll get full academic credit while you apply classroom theory to real life working situations related to your major.

And you’ll build the hands-on skills and job experience that will set you apart for employers.

Make an appointment with our career experts to take advantage of the internship opportunities in your field.


Top companies recruit at JWU because they love working with our interns. You have exclusive access to thousands of internships just for JWU students.


We offer services from day one, so you can start early and find the internship that best fits your career goals.

You’ll develop a deep understanding of your field through our range of career resources, networking opportunities and expert guidance, so you can make the most of the career opportunities in your industry even before you graduate.

You’ll determine which career paths best fit your particular skills and passions, set practical goals to make your career a reality, and make valuable connections in your industry and with companies you want to work for.


Johnson & Wales internship grade point average requirements differ according to major.