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所有 ELS 語言中心(ELS/Juilliard 除外)均設立有 ELS 現代化的語言科技中心 (LTC)。 LTC 將電腦輔助式學習與常駐語言中心教師的指導相結合,教師負責監督您的學習進度和協助解答問題。 在 LTC,我們會為您制訂符合您獨特需要的個性化學習計劃。 學習計劃會告訴您如何改善增加辭匯、聽力理解和發音等需要全身心投入的英語技巧領域。 LTC 為學生們提供了因材施教的學習途徑、專門的學習內容和支援,讓學生們可以專心解決具體的語言難題。


Latest-model personal computers with 43 cm flat panel monitors and the capacity to record your voice

English learning programs that develop listening, speaking, reading, and pronunciation skills

Grammar programs that explain important concepts in many different, easy-to-understand formats

Advanced listening programs that are based on real university lectures and presentations

Pronunciation programs for practice in individual sounds, intonation and stress

Business English programs with authentic content from current business publications and practice scenarios

TOEFL® Prep listening excerpts designed to familiarize students with the content and format of the challenging TOEFL® iBT

Internet research capability for classroom projects and research papers