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Most discussions about studying abroad begin with “where do you want to go.” Instead, they should start with “why do you want to go.” An international education enables students to grow personally and intellectually from the experience, gaining in curiosity and academic interest in the world.

Students on an educational journey in a foreign country learn a lot about themselves, discover their skills and capabilities, and understand their strengths and weaknesses. Such an experience teaches them to translate interest into action.

Overseas education promotes a deeper understanding of global issues such as race, gender, and ethnicity, and also helps us learn about different societies and cultures. To be an empowered global citizen, an educational experience in a foreign land is a must-have.
This experience extends beyond test preparation, academic transcripts, admissions essays, and student visa, when the student realizes discovers new cultures, learns new languages, traveling across borders, and engaging in multicultural activities.

Students should be equipped to make well-informed and independent decisions pertaining to higher education abroad. This is where ELS can step in to guide students with its expertise and experience in international education. ELS counselors are internationally educated and can offer students a first-hand insight into what lies before them.

At ELS, we know that no square is ever comfortable in a circle. We help you find your fit.