How to apply to a University India

5 Easy Steps to Study Abroad

Higher education in a foreign country is unparalleled in the vitality of its program offerings, quality of its facilities, and diversity of its classrooms. It’s really easy to apply to your preferred university, with ELS.

Step 1: Sign Up

Contact us to schedule your first appointment. At ELS, we will place you in the guidance of experts who will enable you to make independent and informed decisions.

Step 2: Counseling

Your internationally educated counselor will understand your goals and help you shortlist your preferred universities that match your career plans, academic achievements and financial means. You will be assisted with document editing and application preparations.

Step 3: Application

ELS will help process your applications to the respective universities. ELS University Admission Services (UAS) will review your application package and when complete, present it to the selected universities.

Step 4: Acceptance & Visa Process

On acceptance to a university, ELS will guide you with regard to the visa application & interview process.

Step 5: Pre-Departure & Post-Arrival Assistance

ELS will make sure that you’re fully prepared for your new life as a student abroad.