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Here is a glimpse of the services ELS offers to students. Read on to understand which services may be useful to you.

Admissions & Counseling

  • Unbiased higher education counseling: An internationally educated counselor will assist you in shortlisting universities or programs that would match your academic goals, financial means, and personal preferences. Our admissions/counseling services are free of cost and student-focused.
  • One-on-one counseling sessions: Students with ELS will be constantly guided by his/her counselor via phone, email and in person. Parents are also encouraged to be part of these sessions, to help their children make well-informed decisions.
  • Editorial guidance & review: Any documents including resume, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, cover letters required to be submitted by students will be reviewed and proofread by ELS editorial team, on request of the student. These documents will be reviewed to ensure that the student is clearly communicating what is required of him/her or as per university specifications.
  • Application processing and notification: Students’ application packages will be managed and dispatched in a timely and efficient manner. Preparing the package, ensuring that all transcripts are covered, and dispatching it by courier will be our responsibility. ELS will inform the student when any notification is received from the university.
  • Visa guidance: The ELS counseling team will guide students in preparing for their visa interview, with regard to ensuring that the correct documentation is carried for the interview. Students will also be given an idea on the kind of questions that may be asked of them. However, ELS in no way guarantees any kind of acceptance, visa or admission.
  • Pre-departure orientation: ELS will helps students understand what to expect on arriving at their university, the classroom culture, and useful information that is required for their safety, security, and well-being in a new country.
  • Post-arrival assistance: If required, ELS can assist you with regard to airport pickup and temporary housing at your new destination.
  • Conditional admission: International students can gain conditional admission to any U.S. university in ELS’s partner network. Conditional Admission is granted on 2 conditions: (1) the student meets all admission requirements of that university; and (2) the student enrolls into and successfully completes required level of English study at any ELS Language Center around the world. This certification would fulfill the English proficiency requirement at any of ELS’s 650+ partner universities.

Study English Abroad


  • English language programs: Students who wish to improve or learn English can enroll in any of our ELS Language Centers, which is the largest network of campus-based English language instruction centers in the world. Choose from over 60 study locations across the USA, Australia, and Canada, and gain English proficiency certification through ELS. ELS certification is, together with TOEFL® and IELTS™, one of the three most-accepted standards for proof of English proficiency used by US colleges and universities for international student admissions.
  • Junior programs: Students in the age group of 10 to 16 years can also enroll for ELS Junior Camps, where learning and fun come together in exotic cities of the USA.

ELS has guided and assisted thousands of international students gain admission to diverse US, Australian & Canadian universities and colleges for the past 50 years.

It’s your turn now.