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Daytime University
Prep Program

Studying at a college or university in the US is extremely challenging and requires a high level of English proficiency.ELS gives students the opportunity to focus on the academic skills they will need to succeed in their pursuit of higher education.
Students enjoy six hours of core classes designed to build the foundation for communicative competency: two lessons of Structure/Speaking Practice, one lesson of Reading/Writing, one lesson of Vocabulary Enrichment, and one lesson in our Language Technology Center.

Sample Schedule

8:30-9:20 Structure & Speaking Practice
9:30-10:20 Structure & Speaking Practice
10:40-11:30 Language Technology Center
11:40-12:30 Vocabulary Enrichment
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30-2:20 Reading & Writing
2:30-3:20 Reading & Writing

University Preparation Program Features

Using the same curriculum and standards as ELS’ more than 60 U.S. ELS Centers, the ELS University Preparation Program allows students to transfer to the U.S. ELS Center of their choice, guaranteed to be placed at the level attained in China.

  • The ELS University Preparation Program curriculum includes 30 lessons per week of classroom instruction and practice in all key language skills: speaking, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading and writing.
  • Students practice conversation skills and other speaking skills using practical, real-world English, learn to write with accuracy and effectiveness, develop strategic listening skills and improve their use of grammar.
  • Skills Enhancement Classes allow students to customize their program to suit individual interests.Sample classes include Vocabulary Development, Independent Research Skills, and University Skills for Success.Choices vary by session.
  • In our Language Technology Centers, students work on their individual language skills and objectives through technology-supported learning.In addition, all of our classrooms make use of technology to bring the world to you.
  • More than 600 universities, colleges and career schools accept completion of an advanced ELS level in place of the TOEFL®*. (*Requires a minimum enrollment period at a U.S. ELS Language Center.)