China – Discover ELS – Students Say

Student Name: Hinging Zhou

When I stood outside of ELS Shanghai center with my sister, I noticed that everything is the same as it was when I left two years ago. As I stepped into the place where had been the cradle of my dream to go studying overseas, my memory of this enchanted place revived.

The big palm tree reminded me of the old times when the teacher taught us about American culture. We sat in the shade beneath the palms, imagining about the future life in the United States. The ELS Shanghai center made me recall having been here to study listening and reading online in the afternoons. The playground brought back the recollection of meeting with students at New York University. All the teachers, of course, reminded me of those of who had helped me with many things more than English in Shanghai before I went to the United States. All of a sudden, everything just came back to my mind and they are telling me:” If you had not been studying here, you would not be qualified to go studying abroad.”

It is true. Two years ago, I dreaded going to a new country and meeting new friends because of the language barrier. Although I learned some English when I was at middle school in China, but I still had worries that it was not enough for me to cope with a brand new environment. I looked forward to experiencing an exotic lifestyle but I had fear in the meantime. But after studying at ELS studying center for just three months, all my fears dispersed. First, obviously, my English got improved because all teachers and faculties around spoke English. Such environment accelerated the speed of imbibing American ideas. Some teachers graduated from top universities in the United States and obtained very high certification, however, they were as affable and genial as our friends. Whenever I had difficulties with the courses that I was taking, I could always go to them and get a satisfying answer from them. As I progressed through my courses, I realized that the language barrier was disappearing and English was more likely a daily language. I did not only speak English at class, but also talking to my classmates in English after school. In this way of learning, it paved me the way to integrate into the American culture before I even went to the United States. I learned immensely about everything I needed to know in order to live overseas.

Today I took my sister back to this school because my parents want her to go to America to study and I believe that here is the perfect place for her to live and study. Although the tuition is not necessarily cheap, but it is worth it.


Student Name: Sun Yi Ming

ELS is very beautiful, no doubt it has left a good impression on my mind. I feel very happy to study here. In this 3 months, I learnt a lot of things and improved myself. In ELS, if we have a problem in the lesson, our teacher explains it in a simple way to help us understanding. Therefore my English is getting better quickly and I’m learning efficiently. If I have enough time, I would like to continue learning in ELS.


Student Name: Liu Xin Yan

I’m very happy study in ELS. My English is improved. Before, my writing and reading were not good, but now my reading is really good and my writing improve a lot. My teacher taught me the culture of the USA, it’s very important. We always talk to each other in the class, I think is interesting. It has more interesting things than I study in my old school.


Student Name: Wei Zhen Jie

Feeling in the ELS Matt From strangeness to familiar is that experience for me with ELS. I can remember the first time, I come to ELS, I feel unfamiliar, and can’t suit every new situation. I also worry about the class, because I have never learned any American classes. However, ELS make me surprising. When the first class started, I can’t speak anything because I fear to speaking; also I cannot understand what teacher saying. But teacher help me to try speaking. Maybe after one week, I can understand a little what teacher saying, and then I try to answer teachers’ question. When I finish what I am saying, I feel very successful, even my answer is not correct. And then I try to talk about teachers, so my speaking develops so fast. In these talking, I learn a lot, such as new vocabulary, speaking and listening. Now I think improve so much from teachers’ helping. On ELS not only learn English, I also learn the American class’s style, western culture, and on every Friday school has activity. Here has a important part is that in ELS’s teachers are friendly, hot-heart and virtuous. In class we can talk everything as friends. When I lost confidence, teachers always encourage and help me. As I have the visa interview, my teachers get me some advices and write the recommendation to the American embassy, and then I get the visa. I want to thank every teachers and everyone who help me. I have been ELS for long time, and I think we should use “family” to describe the ELS. I think ELS like a big family; in here I can feel very warm, confident and deep emotion. Now I will go to American at next month, I don’t want to leave my “family”, because in here has a lot of happy recollection, and I will keep these recollection in my mind forever.


Student Name: Simon

I have already come to ELS six months; I felt that it has a unique teaching style in China mainland. Here is using the American educational model, which requires that the comprehensive development, but not limited ability to test or is the level. Therefore, the end of study here, I can have a full understanding to prepare the United States to learn and to advance ideas on adapting the United States by the mode of education. At the same time, I also met a lot of students from different province in China and North America’s foreign teachers, a special atmosphere here in particular is the relationship between teachers and students only exist in the classroom, and classroom teachers together with students is through learning in a way which teach. Now I will leave, finally, thanks all the teachers and students ELS also wish you all will be successful.


 Student Name: Soloman

I have been here in ELS for almost one year. During the time goes by, I find that I am improving rapidly in English. Actually what I want to say is that ELS is the best English education center that I have ever been studied. Both the teachers and students are friendly and kindly. They help me so much about my speaking and reading. I feel like I become from an egg to a bird. That’s really fantasy feeling. I love here.


Student Name: Vivian

I have to say it is so lucky that I have the chance to study in the ELS Shanghai center. This is an amazing place, the environment, the school faculty and study atmosphere here all make me so enjoyable. I think it is a really good place for all the students to improve their language skills here and have a better preparation for their study in the U.S. later. Anyway, I hope every student spend a wonderful time here and has a good development in their future.


Student Name: Justin

It is incredible for me to have this chance to study in ELS these days. I have been here for two months, learning language comprehensively, making lots of friends who have the same goal as me, getting used to different culture with my amazing teachers. In ELS I have experienced different types of classes which I cannot have in China and which are American styles. I really appreciate what ELS has given to me, which will definitely be very helpful as soon as I arrive at the America.

The first few days when I had classes in ELS, I sensed the environment of easiness which made me calm down and talk freely in the class very quickly. Also, people here are very friendly and easy-going. We laugh and talk together; sometimes we hang out on the weekend and have a lot of fun. Additionally, teachers with different personalities and experiences which you should know here are knowledgeable and funny. They have different styles of teaching and diversified experiences and knowledge which I can learn from more or less.

By the way, if you do not like this or that type of class, you should say and suggest something. The last thing I want to do is the most important is to speak English with the teachers and classmates. Anyway, teachers here are really hard-working, so do not expect more, but just do your own job to improve your English.

And usually, teachers make up various activities that we can join. If you have any question, which is not beyond teachers’ capability, to ask, they will be willing to answer and help you by their best efforts.


Student Name: Queenie

Time really flies. I have no idea that 2 months has already passed away. To tell the truth, I am shocked by the fact that I have entered a class that consists of eight male students and one female student. And I am the only girl student in that class for my first session. Two weeks later, I found that this situation was not as terrible as I first thought. Although lacking of common interests, I could still communicate with them on few aspects. I really need to say that they are all kind and humor persons. The time studying with them is always full of joy. The most memorable thing is a reading and writing class we had. That was a Friday, we were talking about the most memorable property we had. Solomon started the topic with a dog, then we discussed about Maya culture or even physics. We spent 50 minutes for discussion. We started at a dog, finished at physics. That was really an interesting class. About the second session I had in ELS. There is one thing I have to mention is that I finally have female classmates in my SSP class. Our SSP teacher is still Stephanie whose classes are always interesting. I really enjoy her teaching. Finally, I had a happy time in ELS. And I was surprised that there was a birthday party for birthday girls and boys of April. Although what I received was just a card full of greetings, I was moved by this. However, thanks for all the teachers who have taught me!


Student Name: Patrick

This is my third month in ELS. Before three months ago, I really think English is difficult, but now, I don’t fear it. ELS’s teacher and my friends help me a lot to learn English. Each teacher is friendly and accommodating. They help me to understand American education and raise my level in writing, reading and so on. In ELS, I meet a lot of new friends who have same ideal. We also have happy time in these months. We talk about American cultures, play skinning, go to KTV and sing English songs. The life in ELS makes me grow up. ELS not only show me how to learn English, but also tell me how to live by myself. I try to cook, travel alone, and talk with foreigners and so on. Now I will leave ELS-AEC Shanghai, but I will never forget the life in ELS. I will remember all teachers, my friends and the memorable time in three months and I hope we can meet in America. Next month I will go to America to begin a new life. I don’t fear it because ELS makes me suit the American life. See you, ELS Shanghai! See you, my best friends!