China – University Admissions – Conditional Admission

The term “Conditional Admission” – sometimes also referred to as “Conditional Acceptance” – means that international students are accepted to their chosen university on the condition that they meet the university’s English proficiency requirement.
Students are able to matriculate to the university once they fulfill one of the university’s English Language requirements: either the ELS Level 112 completion certificate or a passing TOEFL® score. Minimum TOEFL® score requirements vary across universities.
More about Conditional Admission and benefits from studying with ELS program:

  • All ELS university partners offer conditional admission to ELS students, based on completion of Level 112 of the ELS Program. Level 109 is accepted for study at the associate level.
  • Students conditionally admitted to an ELS partner university receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLA). Students can be conditionally admitted and apply for their student visas while still studying at ELS AEC.
  • Students are accepted to the university based on their academic records and must satisfy the university’s academic requirements. This includes a minimum grade point average (GPA), as well as a GRE® or GMAT® score for graduate programs. Some universities will defer the GRE® or GMAT® score requirements until the time matriculation.

Full details on university admission requirements for ELS partner universities may be found on the University Guide Online