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ELS counselors will guide you through the selection process, help you choose a program that satisfies all of your goals, work with you to complete your application and fulfill all immigration documents.

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We constantly measure ELS’s success from what students have to say about our counseling services. We also endeavor to improve our services and student relationships, based on student experiences and feedback.

Students who wish to pursue undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate courses can benefit from well-rounded guidance from ELS’s internationally educated counselors. Counselors at ELS know the intricacies of the admissions procedures and the education system in the USA. Each student receives personalized counseling either on phone, online sessions or in person.

ELS has many students who are not based in the same city as our ELS offices; but these students are able to successfully complete their application procedure via remote counseling.

Explore the first-hand experiences of students who have successfully reached their destination university, through ELS’s international education pathways.

Anjani Lahane, University of Cincinnati:

I learned lots of new things about American culture and about the world only after joining ELS. The most important thing was all the teachers, helped me a lot to improve my English. All the teachers and students were very friendly and helpful. I attended lots of ELS activities which I enjoyed. I believe participating in the activities would make one popular and competent. When I came to America for the first time I was afraid because of my English speaking problem. But now I love the country. I feel like I can do whatever I want because I have the ability to speak fluent English now. I made lots of Chinese and Saudi friends at ELS. I still have some problems with grammar but I can do anything now. I have improved in my pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary with ELS. Finally, I would advise the students to join ELS if they have any problem with English. I am really thankful to all at ELS. I will miss all my teachers, Carol and other activities at ELS.

Karishma Randhave, University of Cincinnati:

ELS has helped us a lot. We find it really helpful. We are much more confident and we solve our problems by talking or sending an email to our professor. So we don’t find any difficulty with any subject and we understand everything in class too. There is one thing which I don’t like about university’s classes, that is classrooms. I love ELS teaching style like working as group. I think that is great way of teaching. I would like to say, events in ELS are the most interesting part which gives students new environment to learn English, and I love that.

Highlights from Divya’s interview:

  • About ELS Counseling: “They guided me at every step and made me analyze and take my own decisions. They didn’t force me into anything but they just opened the way so that I could see each and every aspect and choose in a correct way.”
  • About ELS Experience: “The entire organization helped me a lot – even at odd times and any time I needed any help, they were very comfortable to interact with as well.”