Town Hall Video

Mark Harris, President & CEO invited all employees to come together for a ‘brown-bag lunch” meeting on Friday, April 4th. Mr. Harris, Mr. Kashani and the Berlitz/ELS management teams presented current initiatives, 2013 results and our Mid-Term plans and ambitions for growth.

To assist you in viewing specific sections of the Town Hall Video:

Section Video Time Code
Introduction by Mr. Mark Harris 0:00 – 14:46
BLS Overview by Mr. Mike Kashani 14:46 – 24:49
Corporate Executive Overview and Promotions 24:30 – 48:05
Welcome BLS New Hires 48:06 – 53:45
Welcome ELS New Hires 53:46 – 63:38
PHQ Relocation Information 63:39 – 81:05
Closing Remarks by Mr. Mark Harris 81:06 – 88:44


Berlitz & ELS Town Hall 4/19/13: The Next Chapter

As the next chapter of Berlitz begins, Mr. Mark W. Harris, President & CEO and Mr. Mike Kashani, COO of BLS, share their vision of a unified company, with a clear focus on the core strategies of superior customer service and nimble delivery – the best training available, when, where and in a delivery format that conforms to the customer’s lifestyle, objectives and tastes.

Both BLS and ELS are challenged to continuously adjust to rapidly changing markets and focus on customer satisfaction. We must seek to be quality leaders maintaining the highest quality of instruction, supporting the instructional process with technology and while establishing clear priorities, accountability and executing our strategies.

See the 2013 Town Hall highlights here: