美国ELS语言中心—上海, 我们的办学宗旨是:




Attend University|||

Be accepted to universities in the USA, Canada, and Australia

ELS’s pathway to 650+ universities via Conditional Letters of Admission means you can be accepted before you achieve English proficiency.



English Programs|||

Travel to ELS and arrive at your goals



Junior Programs|||

Learn English and make friends from around the world!

Play on the beach in Florida and Malibu or prepare for University studies, and study English!



Executive Programs|||

Be Successful: ELS Executive English Programs

When your career requires English, be prepared to communicate confidently, accurately, and effectively.



Test Prep Programs|||

Do your best
on the test

Prepare for TOEFL® iBT success with ELS’s renowned preparation programs.



50th Anniversary|||

ELS has more than 50 years of leadership
in international education, offering the largest network of campus-based
English language instruction centers in the world.