UGO – Counselor Resources – How to Apply Through UAS

By following the steps below you will ensure a successful application process for every student:

  1. Complete the ELS University Partner Application
  2. Complete the Pre-Screening document
  3. Provide an Agent Cover Letter for application package
  4. Provide the following documents for each university application:
    • Transcript (in sealed envelope, labeled in English)
    • Graduation Certificate if not part of the transcript
    • Official Bank Letter or Statement (must include account number, name of bearer in English, and balance given in American dollars)
    • Copy of student passport picture page
    • Statement of Purpose / Personal Statement
    • Resume (Graduate students only)
    • Letters of Recommendation (1 Undergraduate, 2-3 Graduate)
  5. UAS Fees

Any questions contact the ELS University Admission Services:
(T) 609 759-5510          (F) 609 524-9882          (E)