UGO – Counselor Resources – UAS Standards of Service

In order for us to provide superior customer service the ELS University Admission Services Department is committed to following this Standards of Service Agreement.

We look forward to our continued relationship with our agents and will continue to effectively administer this process. Below is a description of our commitment to our partners for any University applications we receive.

1 – 2 Business Days after receipt of application packet

  • Application opened
    • An email to agent confirming receipt of application
  • Application logged into ELS database
  • Package checked for all necessary documents
  • Receipt of Application sent to Agent
    • An email response to the counseling agency will indicate if the application is complete or additional documentation is needed
    • If additional documentation is needed, the specific documents will be listed in the communication

3 – 5 Business Days

  • Pre-screening of documentation to ensure proper placement to ELS Partner Universities
  • Communication and advising to agent if additional schools or new schools need to be considered based on academic background
  • Completed application will be sent to the college/university
    • If the application is not complete, the application and all documents will be sent when all documents are received by ELS

5 – 7 Business Days

  • Staff will ensure receipt of completed application at the University and confirm that no other documentation needed
    • If additional documentation in needed, staff will contact agent with request for missing documents

10 Business Days

  • Staff will follow up with institution to ensure a decision on the applicant, if possible
    • A communication will be sent to agent

4 – 6 weeks (undergraduate applicant) or 6-8 weeks (graduate applicant)

  • Staff will contact university again to ensure that a decision is being made on the application
    • Staff will communicate with agent if there is a delay in the university’s ability to make an admission decision within this time frame
    • If a decision has been reached, we will send the original document to the agent and facilitate ELS Center placement if appropriate