Testimonial Submission

ELS Submission Guidelines

Suitable Video Resolutions:
1. 320 x 240 Recommended
2. 400 x 300

Maximum file size is:

Accepted formats:
MPG, MP4, ASF, AVI, WAV, FLV, Real Audio and Video, AC3, QuickTime, DV, WMV

ELS student’s voice only, no music or sound effects other than ambient sounds at location of recording

ELS student head and torso, limited background visuals, no trademarks or obvious commercial products visible

1. Submission of a photo or audio or audiovisual recording does not guarantee placement or view on any ELS website(s).

2. By submitting a testimonial you convey to ELS ownership in perpetuity of the still photographs, audio and/or audiovisual recordings in which you appear, and the words spoken in such recordings. ELS shall have the unrestricted right to publish the photographs and use the recordings and the words in any ELS marketing and promotional materials, on the ELS website, and in any other ELS material, and shall have the right to license agents and other third parties to do the same – including, without limitation, for ELS-branded or identified sites and pages within social media (such as Facebook, Orkut, Renren, QQ, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) and similar internet destinations. This grant is intended to be worldwide in scope and to apply to all media now existing or hereafter developed.

3. ELS may edit the testimonial for space considerations in a manner that does not alter the meaning or context or the form of attribution.

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