ISR – NAFSA 2014


May 25-30, 2014
San Diego, California

“There’s nothing like being together with a group of people who are dedicated to international education, because international education is the future of the world.”
– Mark W. Harris, President & CEO, ELS Educational Services, Inc.


ELS continues to strengthen its commitment to student success, investing in educational excellence with highly qualified teaching staff, effective curriculum and a wide choice of locations that fit the student’s goals.

To reach qualified students and assist them in entering higher education, we have invested in a global network with local impact:

Worldwide, there are currently 80+ ELS Language Centers in operation, the majority of which are located on university campuses.

ELS has an extensive network of qualified Counselors, operating out of 1,900 counseling offices in 103 countries.

We reach over 280,000 students at 400+ international education fairs spanning 30 countries. is the primary source of information for our authorized Counselors worldwide. These Counselors use the website daily to counsel students and their families about the options available to them with ELS. Annually, there are about 530,000 visits to the website per year.

“[International education] attracts wonderful people because they care about each other.”
– Perry S. Akins, President Emeritus, ELS Educational Services, Inc.
– 2014 Award for Lifetime Contribution to International Education honoree

“We teach language, but I think we teach the vocabulary of respect, of consideration, of tolerance, of peace, and of justice and understanding.”
– Sharyn Moore, Academic Director and Teacher, ELS Language Centers
– 2014 Award for Lifetime Contribution to International Education honoree


The Importance of English and Cultural Proficiency in Effective Campus Internationalization

Solutions to the challenge of integrating international students into the university campus community, and the important role of on-campus Intensive English program’s (IEP’s) in not only improving English proficiency, but also in culturally integrating students prior to their matriculation to degree programs.

Exploration of the key integration challenges:

  • Higher English competency
  • Importance of academic skills
  • Prior study in the USA prior to commencing degree study
  • Support by other international students on campus and within the local community
  • Intercultural development training with faculty and staff

Global Partner Session Speakers:

  • Mr. Mark W. Harris, President & CEO, ELS Educational Services, Inc.
  • Dr. Dan Cassino, Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of Outcomes Assessment for Becton College, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Dr. Darla K. Deardorff, Executive Director of the Association of International Education Administrators (AIEA); Research Scholar, Duke University
  • Mr. Terrence Miller, Director, Office of International Education, Marquette University