Landing Page – Pathway to Panama

Panama City, Panama

Studying English with ELS will allow you to visit many exciting global destinations. We offer you the ability to first master your English speaking skills and then attend University in countries like the United States or Canada. Many students from around the world choose to begin their English studies in cities and countries that have unique cultural and educational opportunities.

Our Pathway through the hub of Latin American diversity that is Panama City will give you the experience of learning English at a significantly lower price than mainland USA, while being immersed in a Central American culture unlike any other.

The melting pot culture of Panama City contains Spanish, American, Afro-Caribbean and indigenous influences.

This thriving commercial city combines historic colonial architecture with the many modern skyscrapers and has much to offer you in terms of entertainment, both during the day and at night.

ELS plans a wide range of activities for students, from sightseeing visits to local attractions, sporting events, trips to nearby theaters, museums and restaurants, American conversation partners and, of course, excursions to shopping malls, beaches, and natural parks.

With its unique position on world trade routes, this thriving commercial city has attracted immigrants from around the world, and welcomes you for the English study experience of a lifetime!

PROGRAM: English for Academic Purposes – 30 lessons
Levels 101-109 are available in Panama; students must complete Levels 110 to 112 in Canada or the United States.

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