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Opportunities for Professional Development for ELS Teachers

Earn a CELTA Certificate through ELS

ELS offers qualified instructors full tuition and housing scholarships to earn the prestigious CELTA teaching certificate at the ELS Language Center in Tacoma, Washington. The CELTA certificate course is an intensive, four-week, 120 hour program that combines language study, methodology, classroom management and a six-hour practicum. This scholarship is available to all regular-status instructors who do not hold a qualifying master’s degree in TESOL or a related field. Since this program’s inception, more than 65 ELS instructors received their CELTA certificates through full scholarships provided by ELS.

Earn an MA in TESOL from Adelphi University

ELS Language Centers has partnered with Adelphi University in Garden City, New York to develop a unique blended-learning MA in TESOL exclusively for ELS instructors. This program combines on-line learning with face-to-face instruction and an in-service practicum. Instructors spend two four-week sessions on the Adelphi University campus each summer and one two-week capstone session on campus at the end of the program. Through scholarships provided by Adelphi University and ELS Language Centers, ELS instructors can receive their MA in TESOL at a 50% tuition discount. ELS also pays full room and board costs for the summer sessions in Garden City, New York. This 25-month program allows ELS instructors to receive a Masters in TESOL while maintaining full-time employment and benefits at ELS.

Membership in TESOL

ELS sponsors membership in TESOL for all Senior Instructors and Instructional Specialists at every ELS center.

Tuition Reimbursement

ELS encourages ongoing professional development of our faculty through tuition reimbursement. Under this program, ELS reimburses 50% of tuition costs up to $4000 per year for study relating to career development. Tuition Reimbursement is available to all regular-status Instructors who have taught full-time at ELS for one year.

Awards and Recognition

Excellence in Teaching Awards

Each year, ELS recognizes 20 of our best teachers from around the world with our annual Excellence in Teaching Awards. These awards honor ELS instructors who have demonstrated superior performance in the classroom and have set a standard of professional excellence outside of the classroom by mentoring peers, assisting Academic Directors and leading professional development workshops. Instructors are nominated by their supervisors and winners are determined based on the quality of their professional development workshops, evidence of teaching excellence and the results of their monthly student surveys. Among other benefits, winners receive a trip to the annual National TESOL Conference. Winners are announced each December.

Support for Presentations at Professional Conferences

ELS promotes professional development of our instructors by encouraging participation in professional workshops and conferences. ELS instructors and administrators are regular presenters at regional and national TESOL conferences. ELS instructors who present at national and regional TESOL conferences receive a monetary award in addition to full reimbursement for travel, lodging and meals.