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Discover the Advantages of University Pathways

Pathway programs are a cost effective and time-saving way to earn one or more degrees in the United States. Pathways allow you to apply credits earned at one institution towards transfer into a specific program at a second institution. Take advantage of pathway programs to offset the cost of your tuition and to earn multiple degrees in less time.

Advantages of University Pathways:

    • Opportunity to earn a double degree from multiple academic institutions in an accelerated timeframe.
    • Cost effective way to earn a degree.
    • Prescribed course requirements that maximizes your time earning a degree.
    • Seamless transition between institutions.
    • Lower GPA requirements at a Community College with the opportunity for guaranteed* transfer admission to a top-ranked university.

*depending on the nature of the pathway program agreement between the educational institutions.

In the American higher education system, pathway programs are offered at both the Undergraduate and Graduate levels. Most common dual degree pathways are (2+2, 3+2, 4+1, etc.) and can lead to two bachelor degrees or bachelor and master/doctoral degrees. Pathway programs and the transfer requirements vary depending on the specific arrangements between participating institutions.

Under a formalized pathway partnership program, you can transfer maximum credits earned at the start institution and are guaranteed* admission once you meet and satisfy all the transfer requirements to transfer to the destination institution and graduate with a dual degree.

*depending on the nature of the pathway program agreement between the participating educational institutions.