Why India?

India is at the forefront of the most rapidly developing industrial sectors in today’s global economy, making it an ideal place to earn a world-class education and take the first step on a successful career pathway.

When you choose to pursue your higher education in India, you will enjoy the following advantages and opportunities:

  • STEM fields: Indian universities are dedicated to the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs. India is known worldwide for its innovations and contributions to the fields of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Engineering.
  • Strong educational infrastructure: India has over 500 universities that provide opportunities for quality higher education with a strong focus on the core principles of your chosen field of study. You will participate in internships and research projects, and upon graduation you may be placed into a career in your desired field.
  • University instruction in English: All ELS partner universities are highly-recognized, English-medium institutions where the curricular materials, classroom instruction and business communications are in English.
  • High quality instruction with increased affordability: Your education is an investment in your future. In India, you will receive high returns on your investment due to lower tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, affordable cost of living and post-graduation career opportunities.
  • Internationally-recognized students: Join the ranks of successful alumni such as: CEOs of Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Adobe and Deutsche Bank.
  • One of the world’s oldest and richest cultures: With over 22 languages and six religions, India embraces multiculturalism and multilingualism. International students are welcome to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of its different states and regions.
  • Support for international students: Universities in India have hosted international students for more than 50 years and are equipped to provide high quality resources from admissions to immigration to graduation in a safe, supportive environment. Most large institutions have an established International Student Office and are fully capable of supporting international students from varied ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds. Studying in an Indian institution enables you to face the challenges of a global market while enjoying life in a vibrant environment full of rich customs and traditions.