India Study- Service – Utilities and Resources

Utilities and Resources

Especially for those who stay in private housing, access to dependable utilities companies is important. Center staff can assist you in opening accounts for the following:

  • Mobile Phone:Popular providers are Airtel, Vodaphone and Aircell
  • Wi-Fi:Two popular providers are Airtel and TataDocomo
  • Electricity:Provided by the state Electric Board
  • Gas:Provided by state-owned or private companies
  • Drinking Water:Can be delivered to your house at affordable rates


Major banks like HDFC and City Union Bank have offices and ATMs around major cities as well as on university campuses. Facilities for money exchange and wire transfers are readily available. Additionally, internet payment options like NetBanking and the mobile app PayTM make transactions convenient and easy to track.


India has a wide-reaching public transportation system that is accessible and affordable. Options include: bus, train, auto-rickshaw, taxi, and plane. The infrastructure makes it easy to travel locally and throughout the country without owning your own vehicle.

Other Resources

Both goods and information can be obtained online through websites or mobile apps such as:;; (restaurant recommendations); (travel planning); and (a crowd-sourcing site for local recommendations).