ELS Job Ready English (JRE) Program

The ELS Job Ready English (JRE) Program has been developed after extensive research analyzing the needs of highly skills, bright and talented students to attain communicative success in business environments and beyond.

All classes are hands-on and practical and students are held to international standards. Class objectives include: increasing accuracy and fluency in speaking, planning and outlining presentations, distinguishing main ideas from details, summarizing and synthesizing information, and increasing overall confidence in communication skills.

The class schedule for the JRE program is particularly catered to accommodate university class schedules and a busy college workload. The program is overseen by native English speakers and highly skilled teachers of linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

 Job Ready English

Number of Modules   The program has 6 modules. One 50-hour module is offered per semester.
Schedule   Modules begin in August and February, at the start of every semester. Classes are offered twice a week in the evening and follow the university academic calendar.
Module Types   Modules include: Speech Communication Skills, Group Discussions for Interviews, Business Communication, Intercultural Communication, Placement Preparation, and Listening and Note-Taking.
*For students interested in studying abroad, the ELS TOEFL Training Program can take the place of one module.

Each module is offered at a competitive price and can be paid over the course of the semester. The program is competitively priced at INR 8,550 per module, inclusive of taxes. Discounts are available for students who enroll in multiple modules.

Before enrolling, students take an ELS Placement Test. This will ensure the minimum level of English to benefit from the classes.

After the test, students can register in person at the ELS Language Center, located in Room 302 in the Mechanical Labs building.

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