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Why study abroad?

Studying in a foreign country can be a rewarding experience. You will have the opportunity to be part of a culturally diverse environment. You will experience a different education style and will enjoy every bit of your experience. A degree from a top ranked university will open doors for great career opportunities.

Making lifelong connections with people is also an integral part of studying abroad. You will have the opportunity to meet new people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds and make friends. The connections you make while you are a student can prove to be useful later.

You will develop yourself at a personal level being an international student. You are on your own away from the comfort of your home and you will learn to be adaptable to any situation you come across by being independent.

With 50+ years of experience ELS can help you find the right program of study in the USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia or France. Talk to our counselor today as a first step towards your goal of studying abroad.

Scholarships are available for international students. To check eligibility meet our counselor today. Our counselors are internationally educated and will help you find the program that suits your requirement. Programs in Engineering, Computer science and Business have internship opportunities. From Counseling to Pre- Arrival assistance ELS provides all the services to ensure a smooth transit for a student.

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The ELS Advantage :

• More than 50 Years of experience in International Education
• Global leader in worldwide recruitment of International Students to the US
• 650+ University Pathways that offer Conditional Admission across the US
• ELS Certified, Internationally Educated University Admission Counselors
• Unbiased counseling service at no cost to the students
• State-of-art technology integrated for application process and progress notification
• Holistic approach to prepare students for visa counseling, pre-departure and post arrival formalities